mardi 22 septembre 2009

Maher, salas-has-bas.

Inde genus durum sumus, experiensque laborum,
Et documenta damus quâ simus origine nati.

jeudi 10 septembre 2009

I'm not that serious.

Rarely do my feelings touch my fingers, and this town has an unending swirl of long I long. In an obstacle of psychosexual stages, I am orally fixated in a grey body of four components, and life is trying for me. I'm sorry to those whom I've neglected enough to pass gritty sweet gestures that don't fill the cup of the ones inside me, but maybe it's time for a new approach, and new passengers.

I sat at the sea's curb and watched the shadows fall on critters because you don't have time
I've read books you've always wanted to read because literacy doesn't appeal to you like it used to
I chant lines of Burgess to you while sitting in chills, and you can't see it but I'm talking to you
I've neglected the beach because of us and slur memories of lion coated sunsets on car tops
I wish you were here, you're missing everything darl'.