lundi 28 juillet 2008

I've recently spent the last four days in a fast moving, insomnia diagnosed city. A city that has brought a northern glow to me; with back alleys that smelled sweet, and the troubled who were comfortable. Nothing reminded me of home there, in contrast to how chicago, or new york would. Everyone's thighs were toned from the streets, and the walls were colored to each individual taste. My pace had quickened with this short stay, and my eyes dilated a few centimeters larger at the sights of green and gray whom each have held their separate quarters.

you should be mentioned, as well.
The reason behind my curtains hasn't been entirely sinless, but you've been a great addition. I'll admit to a slight tenderness about the outcome, but i can't deny the impressed opinion i have received upon meeting you. You walk just how i used to envision you on those dull days at work, pulling buckets of water back towards the heated kitchen with my clumsy backtracking. you've been a much needed help on this trip and it was lovely to do the things we've always talked about doing. i'm terrible to realize i've had oranges and sand filled to the rim of my mouth the majority of the time, and that's not my full stomach. i thought i could close my mouth on the two and get away with it, but you still noticed the dripping of the orange around my mouth. if given a few more days, i would spit out the peels and the shells so you can explore my voice. that's it.

(writer's block.)